Above is a an inventory I'd personally have if I were in an RPG! Below is some progress a few days into a spontaneous mini-project of making a procedural house generator - still in early stages!

Below is a look at a model currently in process - I'm planning to use her for some short animations where I experiment with cloth simulation for her clothes and hair.

Below are some previews of progress on Babi Glo, my 3D puzzle platformer! It sees players take on the role of Babi, a lost piece of coal trying to find their way home to their witch mother Mamgi with the help of enchanted furniture. I started working on it early this year!
Gameplay is set to focus on exploration and solving puzzles with the combined unique abilities of Babi and the furniture while also featuring additional sidequests where Babi helps those they encounter on their journey home. 
Babi Glo is a story about home and family - learning about where you came from, where you’re going and those that will help you along the way. It's a project that's very close to my heart and I'd love to see it completed one day! 

Below: A side project where I've been modelling a beach cafe scene for fun and setting up inside of Unity as a game environment.

Below: Model & Environment work for Onirigami, a game currently in development by Tourmaline Studio!