Hey, who are you?

I’m Chelsea Saunders (or pixelatedcrown) - you might know me from the Internet and On-Line! My real world location is mostly UK, sometimes USA.

I'm what they call a "Game Developer". I've worked on a few things, like Kintsukuroi, and a game that was a google doodle, and a game about mario and his friends. I also really like 3D modelling!

Email: chelsea.sau@gmail.com

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Okay, what've you been up to?

2014 -> Finished studying Games Technology at the University at the West of England, worked on several small personal game projects
2015 -> Worked freelance for Google and the Android Experiments team to make Kintsukuroi, a free mobile game
2016 -> Worked for Google in London and California as a part of the Google Doodle team, was the game designer for the 2017 Valentine's day google doodle
2017 -> That's now! I'm mostly working on my own things again!

Cool. What can you do?

I'm fairly comfortable with most aspects of game development but here're what I feel are my strongest points:

  • 3D Modelling, Rigging, and Animation
         - Experienced in both props, characters and environment modelling
         - Low poly, untextured & vertex coloured / Mid poly with painted textures
  • 2D Concept Art and Spritework
         - Character, costume, creature, environment  and level design concept work
         - Flat colour vector-like illustration / Chunky pixel art with strict palettes 
  • Very confident with
         - Unity with C#/JS Scripting
         - 3D Modelling software such as Maya and 3D-Coat
         - Image creation/editing software such as Photoshop, Flash, Paint Tool SAI

I've worked for individuals, small independent companies, startups and worldwide recognised businesses for both games and illustrative purposes. I've also worked with and hired others myself!